Our Process


Step 1 - Initial Meeting

Our initial meeting will be all about getting acquainted with each other.  We will discuss your expectations from us along with the financial planning process in general. We will help you identify specific financial goals that you would like to pursue. In addition, we will help you identify concerns that could prevent you from reaching your objectives.


Step 2 - Data Gathering

Second, we will ask you to fill out a Financial Goal Questionnaire and a Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.  We believe these tasks are critical in allowing us to diagnose your current financial situation in order to make proper recommendations in the future.


Step 3 - Developing The Financial Plan

Based on an evaluation of your current financial standing, along with your time frame and risk profile, we will create a financial plan that will be customized to your specific scenario. This plan will be presented to you to ensure that you understand the provisions of the plan and agree to its implementation.


Step 4 - Plan Implementation

At this point, we will recommend the necessary changes to your current investment portfolio to increase the long term probability of success in obtaining your objectives. Any recommended changes to savings and spending rates will also be addressed.


Step 5 -  Review and Refine

We will meet no less than annually on an ongoing basis to review the status of the plan and recommend any necessary adjustments. Changes in your life over time, along with changes in the broad economic climate, may lead us to recommend minor adjustments in the years ahead.